Let’s Call A Spade A Desperate Girl

April 11, 2011

I awoke to a beautiful sunny morning last Saturday in a great mood. After all, I had a whole two days of lovely laziness ahead of me. What was not to be happy about?

I hadn’t checked my emails all week as I had been really busy in work. As I began trawling through them I noticed I had a comment notification from WordPress. This is the comment that greeted me:

Hi “blogger”.

You’re being a douche. why don’t you get a boyfriend. Actually no you probably just need the ride. Let’s call a spade a desperate girl.

Why were you going to parties where you may be groped by 20 year olds? Also how did you let him close enough to let him “mildly grope” you?

Get a grip!

Please be aware you are not obliged to go out with couples. They re not obliged to entertain you.

Very silly blog here in all honesty

As you can imagine, I was somewhat shocked by the severity of sentiment conveyed in the comment. It served to dampen my sunny day somewhat.

I toyed with the idea of not addressing it at all but that said, if I’m allowed write a blog, surely this commenter (who graciously took the time to create an email just for the purposes of this post ‘thisblogisshit@gmail.com) deserves some of my dutiful attention

So here you have it Ms/Mr ThisBlogIsShit, a whole post all to yourself. I’m not going to analyse what was said in the comment because I think I can leave it up to the reader to make up their own minds as to whether I ‘need the ride’ or if I am akin to a desperate spade (that is genius literary manipulation by the way). I may possibly even be a douche, who knows….!

Keep the delightful comments rolling 🙂

**I did send a personal email to Mr/Ms ThisBlogIsShit but they have yet to respond.


5 Responses to “Let’s Call A Spade A Desperate Girl”

  1. Anto said

    This is what we call a troll Julie. They’re moronic in the extreme and don’t deserve your attention, let alone the time it takes to read their comments. Anyone who knows you knows how genuine and nice you are, not like that sap. Chin up.

  2. CB said

    People get very brave behind a computer screen, don’t mind that nasty, ignorant person, who clearly hasn’t taken the time to cop the real ethos behind your blog… just remember that you are the true brave one, putting yourself out there and trying something different, your blog is candid and honest, and while you’re open to a relationship, you’re sure of yourself enough to know you don’t need one… and I’m sure you’ve no shortage of rides either, ya ride!x

  3. le craic said

    As Anto said, just ignore it. We all get these spiteful comments from time to time on blogs.

  4. Harry said

    It’s a harsh but true reality that in putting yourself in a position of vulnerability, like in a personal blog, that people are going to take advantage of that and use it against you for whatever reason they like. Its probably not the last time some sap sitting by themself in a dark room will take a jab at you from the powerful “anon” title. Pay no attention, move on and keep the blog and content the way it is, you’re only deadly.

  5. sandra said

    i second harrys view…u are infact only deadly and i know this because u are related to me n therefore u have no choice to be deadly…..it a tough road we must travel!!! chin up sis…i love ur blog!!!x

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