Once Upon a Vision…

February 20, 2011

It’s been a week where I was forced to reflect on myself a lot. Both my work life and my personal life placed me in a situation where I had to take stock of my actions and attitudes.

My good friend Claire is a journalist and wrote a very interesting article on ‘vision boards’. Basically, you put everything you aspire to in the near or distant future on a mood board type format. The idea is it will focus the mind, which will put you on the path to achieving everything you strive for in life.

I am a firm believer in the attitude that if you put your mind to something and you want to achieve  it enough, you will. Obviously, this comes after much hard work and perseverance but in the end I’d like to believe you will reach success. As I am from that frame of mind, the vision board idea appealed to me a lot.

Myself and Claire set about making vision boards this weekend. It is possibly one of the most girly activities I’ve participated in to date. In total, I’d say we spent 8 hours working the boards. Between flicking through lots of magazines, cutting out bits and pieces that took our fancy, setting it up the pieces on the board and then FINALLY sticking them on, we were occupied for most of the day. I was slightly slower than Claire as I was out the night before and felt extremely worse for wear…

Believe it or not,the whole process was very insightful and made me reflect on myself greatly. For the purposes of the blog, I won’t go into every nitty gritty part of the board. I’ll focus on the relationship area.

Apologies in advance for the poor quality of the photo. It seems my Nikon camera refuses to work properly under certain lighting conditions.Anyway, here’s the results of my 8 hours work:

The relationship area is down the bottom left hand corner (see close up below). My favourite image from the section is the one with the couple driving. I love the way she is looking at him in the photo. They seem so content and at ease. I shocked myself in also liking the fact that he was driving a car. I often like to think I put forward an image of a lady who is very much control of her own life. However, I suppose there is a small part of me that would like to be looked after by a guy, even if it’s just a quick drive in his car on Sundays.

I have a pair of glasses just below the couple shot. For some unknown reason, I really love guys with glasses. For that basic materialistic reason, I put them on the board. Yes, I’m that shallow….

I have a rather large photo of an engagement ring. I was quite worried it looked very materialistic but in truth, it’s actually there to remind me of my thoughts on marriage. If by some miracle I ever get to that stage, it would be my (maybe rather naive) hope that I would have the ring forever so I’d like it to be something I adored and reminded me of the person that chose it for me and the promise it symbolizes.

In saying that, it seems to me people sometimes don’t always fully understand the work and commitment that goes into a marriage. To some people, it’s more about the materialism of a day and a base level understanding of love that motivates them to get married. The reason I have the ring on the board is because, yes some day I hope to get married but I also hope I have the foresight and the emotional intelligence to know that marriage is a huge amount of work that needs constant attention to be a success.

Two other important areas of this section of the board are things that I would aspire to far into the future. I have a picture of a (very attractive) mother and her son. You’ll notice that everyone on my board is very good looking. I am in no way comparing myself to that genre of person but when you go through reams of fashion magazines, this is the reoccurring theme that tends to crop up.

Anyway, for yet another unknown reason, I have a huge desire to have boys as children. Of course, I would be perfectly happy with a girl but I have this odd logic that tells me that sons get on better with their mothers than daughters do. It is this odd way of thinking that made me place the photo on the board.

My other photos in the section, reflect the kind of home I hope to have some day. It’s all very Ikea-ish and not perhaps as cosy as I would have liked to convey. However the main components are all there. I would love a house full of books, DVD’s (or whatever the equivalent is by then), music, a nice fire and a dog. Anything more than that will be bonus. More than anything, I want it to feel like a proper home. When my kids go off to college and come home for the weekend, I want it to feel homely for them. This is something that I sometimes miss from my own life so I’d love my future to have this type of home in it.

You’ll notice there are pictures of flowers interspersed throughout the board. I am quite obsessed with flowers.  I often hear women complain that a guy giving a girl flowers is very cliché these days. I whole heartedly disagree. I have been given flowers a few times in my life and I can’t express the utter joy (yes I’m a loser) they have given me. I just love the thought process that goes into buying them. You have to consider the person’s tastes and personality before buying them (well before Interflora came along at least). To me, they are a really special gift, hence the presence on the board.

So there you have it, my present and future all on one A1 board. If you get a chance, I would really recommend doing a vision board. If anything, it’s good to focus the mind on things you’d like to change and things you want to achieve. If you’re not into all that ‘visioning’ mumbo jumbo, maybe just do it because you want something pleasant looking to hang on your wall. Either way, it’s a nice way to pass 8 hours over the weekend.


One Response to “Once Upon a Vision…”

  1. Michelle said

    I dunno why, but I had tears in my eyes reading this..I love your plan Jules-its very inspirational & admirable. I heart this blog in a huge way x

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