A Tired Post

January 23, 2011

After a bit of a crazy weekend i.e me over doing it last night, I am a little too tired to write a full post today. However, I will come back with something more substantial later in the week.

For now, I will post a poem that I recently came across again after years of first reading it. It’s funny how you can read something one way at one point in time and then come back to it years later and understand it in a totally different light.

The poem is about change. I really love it because it paints some great images in the reader’s mind. It’s also a poem that can apply to lots of different aspects of relationships and friendships. Hope you like it as much as I do.


The evening advances, then withdraws again
Leaving our cups and books like islands on the floor.
We are drifting, you and I,
As far from another as the young heroes
Of these two novels we have just laid down.
For that is happiness: to wander alone
Surrounded by the same moon, whose tides remind us of ourselves,
Our distances, and what we leave behind.
The lamp left on, the curtains letting in the light.
These things were promises. No doubt we will come back to them.

Hugo Williams


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