The Pitfalls of Christmas Cheer

December 19, 2010

The season’s festivities are upon us and with this brings gatherings galore and lots of merriment. I had quite a week of merriment this week, on reflection probably too much.

I hate to completely buy into the stereotype but being single at Christmas really is quite trying. I mean for one, I have no able bodied boyfriend to help me carry my bags around town while wearing a horrific reindeer jumper (I do love a good Christmas jumper on a man). Yesterday I spent the day bullishly tearing through town, 25 bags in each hand, sweat rolling down my face, watching these ever so lucky girlfriends casually strolling along with their other halves graciously carrying their bags.  I wasn’t jealous at all (ahem).

Another Christmas pang came while walking home last night. I was walking with my lovely (and I do genuinely mean lovely) couple friends Mark and Claire. They have taken me under their wing as a kind of relationship extension.  I am sad to admit I am the ever lingering third wheel in their relationship. They are one of those couples that are quite aspirational. Best friends and a great team in everything they do, they are my heros. They feed, listen to, and generally mind me (three qualities I would admire in a boyfriend if he existed!)

Anyway, we were walking home at about 3am from a party. It started to snow and it really did look so pretty.I parted ways with Mark and Claire and continued the walk home. Dublin streets have an amazing air about them when covered in snow. The street lights gave everything a yellow hue that bounced off the white paths, making them look golden. I turned the corner onto my road to see a couple walking up the road hand in hand chatting away. They could have been talking about the night they had or what plans they had for the New Year, I don’t know. All I do know is that they radiated this loveliness that only happy in love couples have and my Christmas single pang appeared.

Another severe pitfall I found myself up against this week was the merry (and by merry I mean drunken) communication rituals of a girl (me) who has constant access to text/ email. Now I know technology has brought vast benefits to a large majority of the worlds population but often I think it does hinder me greatly at certain moments. Actually I should rephrase that, I hinder myself while using technology at times I really, really should not. Yes, you’ve guess it. Drunken email/ texts were flying thick and fast last week.

This is possibly the worst pitfall of the festive season. Not only do you wake up the next day with an almighty hangover, you wake up with the ultimate FEAR. It starts off small at first: ‘Maybe I didn’t send it, maybe it went into my drafts…’. After you check your sent items the feeling then progresses to a dull nausea once you realise you did in fact sent the text/email. Then comes the ‘how can I rectify this situation’ thought. Most of the time the damage is irrecoverable. You look like a drunken mess and you’ve lost all sense of mystery because you’ve blurted out your every waking thought over text/ email to the one person you would like to think finds you somewhat appealing.

So, I am now sitting typing this post with a lingering FEAR feeling. I won’t go into details as to who it is or what was said but I will say that the person in question was gracious enough to reply to my ramblings in a up-beat, non-judgmental fashion and so to that I am grateful, albeit humiliated.

After you take part in this ridiculous form of communication, you come away feeling slightly inadequate and exposed. Sometimes you buy into this form of communication because your not so sober subconscious is looking for clues as to what someone actually thinks/ feels about a situation. In cases like this, I really wish the good people at Apple would invent some kind of text/email block for women who ultimately would prefer to keep their dignity intact and not touch their iPhones while on a boozey night out.In fact I am drafting a letter to Apple right this minute…

I appeal to all Christmas party goers this season: Put the phone down, it’s not worth it.


3 Responses to “The Pitfalls of Christmas Cheer”

  1. Anto said

    Drunken tweets are almost as bad. Not that I’ve ever been guilty of that. :-/ Two things for ya. Search out ‘The Bad Decision Blocker’ on the App Store. It stops you from calling/texting designated numbers between certain hours. Also, the Social Media Sobriety Test is a plugin for Firefox:

  2. Claire said

    Aw you lil sweetie…the walk home on Saturday was only romantic while you were there…x

  3. lilac86 said

    @ Anto, you are a technological whizz! I am downloading the App right now.

    @Claire, lovely in person and in comments xx

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