Imaginary you…

December 8, 2010

I arrived back from New York to find that the delightful wintery weather conditions are still in our midsts. I also had the pleasure of my first fall of the snowy season when arriving back to my doorstep. Needless to say, I was not happy to be home.

On my trip I was hoping I’d encounter some Don Draper type. The tall, dark, handsome gent only seemed a mere block away while I was there but in truth dear reader Don never materialised.

In saying this there was one encounter that is worth mentioning mainly because it highlights how my lack of action in the situation leaves this blog entry rather flat where it could have been something slightly more gripping.

My encounter happened in the airport on the way home. Usually I find airports in the States quite a stressful experience as I’m the unfortunate one who beeps going through the scanner or gets interrogated by officials as to why I have a more than 100mls of liquid in my bag (usually foundation or hairspray). On this occasion I’m happy to report it was a stress free experience. After we checked in, we headed in to spend our last few dollars. On our way there someone caught my eye. He was in the queue for the Dublin flight but straight off, I could tell he was not Irish. His fashion sense was very calculated in trying to look effortless. You know the type, thick rimmed black glasses, skinny jeans, high top trainers, all very indie-esque. Needless to say, although one could argue he looked slightly pretentious, I found him intriguing enough to stare at for a moment or two in which time he noticed and looked back probably wondering why that odd Irish girl was staring at him.

We went through the gate and I quickly forgot about the fashionable stranger at the sight of duty free alcohol and perfume. However, on boarding the plane, I realised that I would be seeing a lot more of the stranger for the next 6 hours as he was sitting in the row beside ours.  Obviously I couldn’t help but look over at this picture of fashion when I first sat down. It wasn’t that he was overly attractive looks wise, but he definitely compensated in his dress sense. Now maybe it was the incessant staring on my part but my friend later into the flight informed me that he was looking in my direction too.

I would love to report that I had the neck to go up and start a conversation, you know the kind of thing I refer to, ‘oh, sorry I seemed to have dropped my headphones under your seat, could you get them for me please?’. Closely followed by something like ‘Oh, you’re staying in Dublin. Funny you mention that, I’m from Dublin’.  This would lead to a massive conversation lasting the six hour flight where we realise we are destined to be together forever. This didn’t even nearly happen, in fact the opposite happened. A rather large boned lady in front of me decided it was a good idea to push her seat all the way back on top of me so I moved to the seat behind the fashionable man. Obviously we could not continue our eye tennis while I was sitting behind him. We then both started watching horrifically bad films, mine featuring Zac Efron, his featuring Jack Black. The whole time I was having an internal pep talk with myself ‘just do something to start some type of conversation, anything!’ But alas I spent 3 hours pep talking myself and in that time he fell asleep and I got very tired from the self pep talking and had a bit of a kip too.

It was one of those half sleeps though where you’re kind of awake because your conscious the person sitting in front of you is someone attractive so you do want to do anything horrible like drool or talk in your sleep.

During this time I did a thing I often do with attractive strangers, I imagine what their personality would be like if I mustered up the courage to actually speak to them. Of course I always imagine their personality to be something I would find highly attractive. This imagining of mine is often my downfall. I am often shocked when I eventually do get to speak to the strangers, that they are not what I imagined at all. I always feel very disappointed and cheated by this but in fairness it’s hardly the strangers faults for being themselves!

I’d like to think if I had spoken to this fashionable stranger he would have been funny, ambitious and kind but I suppose I’ll never know now. The flight landed, I got off the plane, went through passport control, got my bag and left the airport to never to see the imaginary one again.


3 Responses to “Imaginary you…”

  1. Anto said

    Welcome back Julie. Great entry. Sorta reminded me of this video:

  2. lilac86 said

    Thanks Anto, love it! You’re right, it is very similar. If only I took off his black rimmed glasses, we could have danced down the aisle of the plane. Opportunity missed me thinks 🙂

  3. Celina said

    Think of it this way – I was seated behind a small child on my flight home. A small child who did NOT appreciate my seat-grooving to ‘Smooth Operator’ all the way to Dublin.

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