The history so far…

September 26, 2010

It’s funny phenomenon that if you’re somewhat young (me 24 years old) , not too horrible looking (on the 0 being horrible and 10 being alright scale) and have a half decent personality (I can hold a conversation for more than 15mins), people find it intriguing as to why you would not be in a relationship.

I’ve noticed this intrigue gather momentum as the years go on (I’ll be five years single in February, joy oh joy)

My love life started off at the tender age of four where I was utterly convinced I was in love with a boy from my Montessori school called Neil. This was mainly because my parents and other close family members decided to tell me he was my boyfriend and I believed them.

I was utterly devastated when Neil headed off to primary school a year before me. I had gone to his birthday party that year and wore a lovely yellow party dress.Was that not a true sign of enduring love?

Anyway, off he went to primary school. In that year  apart from me, Neil must have had a whale of a time because it was to my great shock and disappointment when I approached him in the school playground the following September, I was totally blanked. Even at age five this left a slight pang in my young heart. However, quickly other distractions such as skipping and sticker swapping took over for the next six or seven years so all once again was right with the world.

When I hit the ‘dreaded teenage years’ I’m sorry to report they were not in fact too dreadful. Although that’s not to say I didn’t experience the usual teenage angst filled moments when it came to boys.

I was lucky to go to a very liberal (some might say hippie) secondary school. Looking back, I was the epitome of a ‘good girl’. I sang classical music, always had my homework done and God forbid I ever got detention. I also applied this ever sensible attitude to boys. I was never ‘meeting the face off’  multiple boys a the Wes while wearing no knickers (I don’t regret that choice in all honesty). I never once played ‘beat the slapper’ Sad but true. However, I did harbor serious crushes on a few guys in my early teenage years. It’s funny to look back and remember how much chatting and anticipation among your fellow spotty adolescent companions centered around your first crush.

My first serious crush was probably on the loudest guy and so called ‘popular’ in the year. Our form class in school was an odd mix of some goodie two shoes and some absolute mental school miscreants. He was one of those miscreants and I was a goodie two shoes, match made in heaven one might say.

It was a typical teenage romance, lots of build up involving notes being passed around the class, and tons of ‘he says, she says’. Ultimately it resulted in one or two kisses and a lot of stolen glances across a class room. If I’m honest it was one of the nicest relationships I’ve ever had. It was all very new and innocent. Also, it was the first time I had really fancied someone and it had worked out in my favour (the Neil thing left serious scars all those years previously)

My sister informed my years later that at the time she thought I was ‘the coolest sister ever’ because I was with the popular bold boy of the year. That’s something that I’m still secretly proud of…

This blog will document the past and present trials and tribulations of my sometimes exciting, sometimes boring, sometimes nonexistent love life. Everything I write on the blog will be true but I won’t be naming and shaming obvious reasons (the main one being I don’t want to be sued)

The aim of this blog is to show that although they (the oh so wise elder ones who make up corny quotes) say the path to true love is never easy, it definitely can make for some damn good blog posts.

Quote of the day:

First love is a little foolish and a lot of curiosity

George Bernard Shaw


5 Responses to “The history so far…”

  1. Claire said

    Aw I love it, hilarious!Get on to me if you want to make the move to journo x

  2. Celina said

    That Neil, such a player!

  3. Aoife said

    Awh i just Love it!Well done on your first post…can’t wait to read the next one! xx

  4. Seamus said

    A cracking start – now, let the games begin…!

  5. Fiona said

    Amazing, i cant wait to hear what happens after the ‘Popular’ boy!

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